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Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Monginis is a number 1 cake brand in India and has a very extensive network of more than 500 exclusive cake shops spread across 12 major cities in India, in additional to extensive coverage of over 15,000 retailers selling Monginis branded products. It became a truly international brand in the year 1991, when it entered Egypt. Today it is one of the leading bakery brands in Egypt and has a presence in Cairo and Alexandria with over 35 exclusive shops in addition to a number of retailers selling Monginis branded products on non-exclusive basis. At Monginis, the art of making yummy decorative cake is developed by engaging expertise of leading chefs from all over the world. It’s a known fact that Monginis has mastered the art of making cakes in a variety of chocolate, fruit or combo flavours. A specialist in making Cakes begins right from selecting right quality ingredients in precise quantities, blending them together to the best of knowledge and baking to the level of perfection. The soft and moist sponge so made is then sumptuously layered and coated with cream flavoured with dark chocolate or milk chocolate or with various fruit flavours. These flavours are used either alone or in various combinations to give the best possible mouth feel to the cake. The cakes are then decorated by using different types of chocolate, fruit and other garnishing. The cakes can even be made in shapes as well, like for example, in any alphabet or numerical or any character of your choice. Thus, for one’s first birth day, one may decide to order a cake in the shape of a numerical “1” ……. “21” …….. “60” , etc.

Monginis does not stop at that. The lovely birthday cakes can even be delivered anywhere in 12 prominent cities in India where Monginis has presence.

World is increasingly buying “online” and today one can order virtually anything from within the comforts of his or her home or office. Monginis has successfully married a concept of buying the cakes online with its core strengths of making yummy cakes and delivering them promptly to the places wherever required. One can order cakes of one’s choice by logging on its website . So far many people in India and abroad have availed of its exemplary services for gifting cakes to their beloved persons and are quite satisfied with it.

About Monginis

Core Purpose

 To help people express their happiness in a memorable way.

Core values

 All our products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and affection as if, they were meant for the most beloved person.

 Good intentions in dealing with stakeholders like Suppliers, Employees, Franchisees, Dealers and Consumers yield good products and services

Snippets of Monginis History

• Monginis Started a century ago as a quaint, friendly neighborhood cake shop in South Mumbai.

• It was founded by 2 Italian expats by the name Mongini.

• Those days also it was quite a favourite, especially with Europeans in Mumbai.

• In 1960’s, Monginis was brought over by the Khorakiwala family.

• In the year 1971, the path – breaking idea of having a nationwide franchise network and being close to customers in their neighborhood was born.

• Under H. T. Khorakiwala’s visionary entrepreneurship, soon it became a popular destination that is synonymous with celebrations.

Few of Monginis' Achievements

• Headquartered at Mumbai, Monginis is ISO 22000:2005 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

• There are 14 manufacturing plants in Mumbai, Thane, Kolkata (2), Hyderabad , Goa, Pune, Nashik, Rajkot, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Orissa, Surat and Indore.

• With an exclusive retail space of over 1, 00,000 sq. ft., the brand is now available in 37 cities across India.

• Through more than 500 cake shops Monginis attracts nearly 70,000 footfalls daily.

• Monginis packaged products with long shelf life are also available in over 15,000 retail outlets across India.

• Globally Monginis has a strong presence in Egypt, from there it also exports to Middle Eastern countries.

Monginis Products

Monginis offers a wide range of mouth watering products and reliable delivery services as well. Its celebration cakes cater to the occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It brings out thematic cakes on the festivals like Rakshabandhan, Bhaidooj, Christmas, Sankranti, Easter and Holi ; and also for the special days like Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Friendship Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day and New Year Day. Apart from celebration and thematic cakes, it also has pastries, snacks, cookies, chocolates and bakersware products like toast, khari, etc.

Celebration Cakes

Monginis has a wide range of premium cakes attractively named as Shimmer, Irish Coffee, Midnight Delite, etc. Recently, Monginis has launched whole new range of cakes offering different exotic flavors like Caramel, Kesar , Butterscotch , Santra Mantra, Cappucino , Pineapple Alfanso, Strawberry Raspberry and in different shapes like hexagonal , heart , dome, square, etc . For people who do not want to experiment much it has all time favourite cakes like Black Forest, Pineapple and Truffle Chocolate.


To cater to “impulse” of succumbing to ones “sweet tooth”, Monginis has a wide range of pastries like Black Forest, Pineapple, Dutch Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate, Dutch Almond, Truffle Chocolate, etc. Recently, it has launched its premium pastries like Oreo, Rocher, Tango and Very Berry.


If one feels hungry and needs something light to eat till one reaches the destination, then Monginis is a right place. It has a wide range of yummy puffs, burgers, pizzas and bread rolls. These products are priced very reasonably and one can enjoy them while “on-the-move”.


Crispy, crunchy cookies from Monginis are a real treat to have along with a cup of hot tea or coffee. It vends Shrewsbury, Tutti Fruity, Badam and Chocochip Cookies. Looking at the increasing trend towards “sugar and thus figure” conscious people, it felt a need to have products without added sugar. Therefore, recently it launched its “0 % sugar” cookies also.


Pure hand-made melt-in-the-mouth chocolates are a specialty of Monginis. It has a variety of flavours like Kaju Kismis, Date & Walnut, Chocolate Crunchy and Noughat. These chocolates are packed in attractive boxes and are primaraly targeted for “gifting”.

Monginis Services

Gift a Cake Online

Monginis has a very “vibrant” e-commerce portal. One can gift delicious cakes online to near and dear ones. Simply log on to and place order by making payment through the credit or debit card. Monginis handles the rest.

Corporate Gifting

Say thank you, show appreciation, or send warm wishes with a wonderful gift. Gifting plays an important role in today’s business environment, whether it is to,

• Recognise employee performance or incentivize sales and marketing teams

• Attract new clients or build existing relationships

• Thank clients, suppliers, and service providers for contributing to ones business

• Remember staff birthdays and anniversaries

• Celebrate milestones and successes

Monginis specializes in creating unique corporate gifts and promotional items that get people talking and sharing. It is large enough to handle any size of order, flexible enough to accommodate unlimited creativity, and committed to making every step of the process both personal and professional.

It works along with its Client to accommodate any size of order – large or small – and it can help with its Client’s shipping needs as well.

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