Monday, September 13, 2010

Monginis - "Business Model"

“Monginis” exclusive cake shop business operates on a franchisee model. It franchises out not only the retailing but manufacturing also. It strongly believes in inherent human entrepreneurship and strives to bring it out by training and by giving a lot of freedom in working so as to create “entrepreneurs”. The “entrepreneur” franchisees then work in a team with the brand striking a perfect “win-win” situation for both.

A Monginis Manufacturing Franchisee virtually owns the entire Monginis business of the city he has been appointed for. He is responsible for the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics and local marketing. He has to work hard to develop a set of reliable local vendors, get competent and skilled people to handle manufacturing, create a robust logistics and appoint strong retail franchisees to take care of the critical last mile. He has to invest not only in plant and machinery but in training manpower, efficient transportation of the products, creating and sustaining retail footfalls and all the market development activities.

A Monginis Retail Franchisee owns and operates a Monginis Cake Shop. To begin with he has to receive a proper training in “store management”. He has to properly receive and store the products. He then sells the products by using his best of the selling abilities. He has to constantly strive to offer the best shopping experience to the Monginis customers so that they not only keep coming back again and again but spread a positive word of mouth for the brand and get additional footfalls also.


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