Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Online Cake Business in India

The Indian Bakery Market is estimated to be worth Rs. 16,500 Cr., growing at a healthy CAGR of 7.5 % per annum. It is one of the largest food industries consisting various product categories like breads, biscuits, pastries, cakes, buns and rusks. These bakery products are fast catching up with the popularity trend as lifestyle of Indians is rapidly changing. The major categories are breads and biscuits, cornering about 82% of the Indian Bakery market. Another product segment worth mentioning is Cakes and Pastries. This segment is estimated to be worth Rs. 1250 Cr., of which significant 65% is in the unorganized sector. The organized sector is dominated by Monginis, a Cake brand head quartered at Mumbai. Monginis is more than 100 years old brand belonging to 2 Italian brothers by the name Mongini. It was taken over by Khorakiwala family in 1960s. Today, it has over 500 exclusive cake shop franchisees spread across 37 cities in India. These shops are catered to by 14 manufacturing facilities. Monginis also has packaged cakes and cookies, which are sold through a well structured network of Super Stockists and Stockists, catering to over 25,000 retail outlets across the country. Monginis also bears “international” ambition. It started its operations in Cairo in Egypt and today it has 50 exclusive shops across Cairo and Alexandria in addition to an intricate network of dealers and distributors across Egypt, for the packaged and longer shelf life cakes.
It also has ecommerce portal selling cakes online. For Monginis the most noteworthy amongst many growth opportunities is “online shopping”. India is sitting on a cusp of boom in online shopping and Monginis is not taking any chances. It has planned aggressive “push” in this space and it begins with a launch of a totally new website
New Look Monginis Website at

A primary objective of having an ecommerce website is to provide online shopping platform for the people not only in India but the world over to visit its website for gifting cakes to their near and dear ones staying in any of the 37 cities in India or 2 cities in Egypt, where it has presence through its exclusive shops. Even though there are many websites selling cakes online, Monginis is one of a very few manufacturers, who has capacities to make cakes and capabilities to deliver to the desired addresses on its own. All the rest are either trading or having tie ups with some other business partners who perform the various functions on their behalf. So, in terms of trust Monginis definitely has an edge over its competition.
Secondly, on its website it has put a largest variety of cakes suiting to different occasions and needs of people. Now-a-days people buy or gift cakes not only for celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries but for different popular occasions like X'mas, New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, Bhaidooj, etc.
Thirdly, it has uploaded a lot of information to educate and make people aware about Monginis in addition to engaging cake stories, baking tips and recipes. It has also planned for a lot of interaction with its loyal customers by engaging them with services like birthday reminders, newsletters and offers.  
For addressing specific queries from the Corporates it has  a separate section on its website, where the interested Corporates can either get in touch with it directly or fill up a form online for Monginis to get in touch with them for their specific requirements. For Corporates, Monginis can make logo cakes and monument cakes. These are completely customized offerings where cakes are made in the shapes of its Clients’ Logos or in the shapes of their Specific Products or Head Office Buildings.
All those people who want to get associated with Monginis as its franchisees, distributors or affiliates, can fill up the application forms on its website.
The quickest way forward for Monginis and to strike a right chord with the opinion leaders of today, the youths, is to make its presence felt in the online space. It has also taken major initiatives in the social media space. With all such novel initiatives Monginis is planning to refurbish its image by offering the most convenient “online shopping” experience to its loyal and dear customers.      

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