Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brand Monginis

Brand Monginis is a leading brand of cakes in India. Generations have grown celebrating their birthdays with Monginis cakes and thus it has become synonymous with the Cakes. Making cakes is an art which Monginis has acquired over a long period of time but converting it into a viable business model was an icing on the cake. Today, brand Monginis stands tall on certain basic values like – consistent quality, continuous innovation,  value-for-money offerings and availability closest to the consumers.  
At Monginis follows a principle of creating “brand ambassadors”. Brand ambassadors are not the celebrities who advertise the brand for money but common people who after experiencing its products get satisfied and share their experiences with their near and dear ones. Thus creating immense goodwill for the brand. Monginis knows that this can be achieved only if the product quality is maintained consistently above the people’s expectations.
Product innovation is a hallmark of Monginis. In this ever-changing world, the Cake designs, flavours and recipes keep changing. Monginis has a strong product development team which keeps a tab on the current trends and keeps making necessary alterations or develops new products altogether.
A tight control over the costs without letting the quality deteriorate is a skill acquired by the management team of  Monginis through its experience of over 25 + years. The cost advantage gained is then translated in the form of “value-for-money” products for the end consumers.
Both physical and psychological accessibility for the consumers comes to a brand after years of hardwork and personal attention. And Monginis strongly believes that the consumer should reach to its products without much effort and he / she should feel “comfortable” while entering and dealing in its shops.  Monginis sales staff is adequately trained in such a way that they not only sell the products but also make the consumers “comfortable”. They also do a considerable “missionary” work of educating the consumers on cakes.

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