Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Corporate Gifting Ideas

“We make a living by what we Get.  We make a life by what we Give.”
- Winston Churchill

·         A quote is apt especially in a corporate setting. Corporate gifting is an investment in relationships which are vital for future any organization. And, what other better article to strike a right chord than gifting “food consumables”. Because, as the popular saying goes, “the way to man’s heart is through the stomach”.
·         A recent survey by American Express revealed that almost half of corporate gift selections are now food-related, replacing the flowers and gift cards that have dominated earlier.
·        Flexibility, choice and the near-universal appeal of indulgent foods allow businesses to easily find a custom solution that invokes a positive feeling and a sense of bonding in recipients.

Corporate Gifting Occasions
·         Birthdays / Anniversaries :

Logo Cake

o   People are most receptive and are happy on their birthdays / anniversaries. It’s a landmark in their lives. There cannot be any other better timing to approach them than these.

·         Festivals :
o   Diwali,
o   X’mas or
o   New Year
These 3 are the most popular gifting occasions;

·         Special Days :
o   Like Doctor’s Day could be a very good opportunity to approach them.
o   Foundation day or Annual Day of an organization.
o   New product launch;
o   New office / factory opening;
o   And, many more …

Why “Cakes” for Corporate Gifting ?
·         Cakes are strongly associated with celebrations and happy moments;
·         If organization is targeting birthdays / anniversaries for gifting, then there cannot be a better gift than the Cake to create an everlasting impression;
·         For festive occasions like X’mas / New Year, cake is the most appropriate gift;

Logo Cake

·         Last but not the least, it stands out in a clutter of gifts one receives on popular occasions.
Why “Monginis Cakes” for Corporate Gifting ?
·         Monginis is no. 1 Cake brand in India.
·         It is ISO 22000 certified company;
·         It is  committed to making “personalized” deliveries across 37 cities in India and save you a trouble of handling logistics.
·         It is  flexible enough to give you unlimited creativity;
·        It has ample experience in handling “corporate gifting” of reputed companies.

Logo Cake - Different Ideas

Cookies & Chocolate Gift Hampers
o   It also has a range of crispy, crunchy cookies, with longer shelf life and transport friendly. The most popular amongst them are Shrewsbury, Tutti Fruity, Choco-Chips and Badam Cookies.

Gift Hampers

o   It makes very good hand-made chocolates in different flavours and shapes. These are packed in very attractive boxes, but if one desires to have a special exclusive packing, it can also be organized.

Snack Packets
o   It  has a range of snacks and cater to your specific requirement of snack packets whenever you need.

What kind of “Gifting Programmes” Monginis can handle ?
·         Monginis can create a special bonding between you and your Customers / Clients.

·         Monginis can cater to your “Shareholders” and win them over.

·         Monginis can also help you in keeping your  Employees happy.

·         Monginis can also handle the prestigious Corporate Special occasions.     

Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd.,

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