Friday, October 1, 2010

Website Marketing - 1

Website Marketing is rapidly emerging as a new means of marketing products and services in India. Though it’s not significant today, it’s growing rapidly and will become one of the many ways of reaching T.G.
The Website Marketing Wheel looks like,
Website Marketing Wheel
There are 2 concentric circles addressing broadly Online T.G. for quick conversions and Offline T.G. for future growth. Any brand needs “conversions” not only from online community but from vast offline community also to sustain growth in future.
The various elements of the “Website Marketing Wheel” gain prominence over the others depending on,
·         Objectives / Purpose of the Website;
·         Business Model of the Website;
·         T.G.;
·         USP (Unique Selling Proposition);
·         And thus the Marketing Strategies of the Website.

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